Mysterious wet spots on my ceiling!!! HELP!!!

To start, I just bought my first ever home and have no clue about anything. My town home was built in 2007, i bought it in July 2015. first time I noticed wet spots in my baby’s room on the second floor around January( I almost never went into the room before my son was born). Anyhow I thought it was a roof leak. called 3 different guys they all checked it and said it wasn’t. Went on the roof and attic. Called Ac guy to check condensation. he said everything works fine. Called home inspector, he went on the attic and said that he had never seen anything like this. So this is some kind of mystery. The spots usually appear when its raining but it had not been raining for 2 weeks the spots dried out completely and with no rain, appeared yesterday again. Now they also appeared in my bedroom(2nd floor) and bathroom. It getting more and more. Please help me because I don’t even know who to call anymore

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